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At Resbee, we believe that together with our customers, we are creating a new generation of modern research, fueled by micro-services architecture.Innovate with confidence and delight your customers by delivering precisely what they want, when they want it.Micro-services allow you to ideate and release updates quickly, iterating on new features over the course of days instead of months.

Our mission is to help the business growth of our clients with creative Design and Development by exploring innovative ideas. The team delivers the world class services focussing more on the quality and services at reasonable prices to all the technical community, enterprenaurs, corporates and administrators.

The vision of Resbee info technologies is well-focussed. It aims at ensuring and promulgating quality Web and Software Development solutions in the competitive global marketplace. Hence, we define our vision as integrating experts of diverse fields, promoting clients products and delivering the technical advent to organization or business.


Automatic controlled access highway system

Lane detection for automatic car driving system

System for IoT device authentication

On-Device malware app protector

Face and Emotion based locker security system




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Clustering and categorization

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Airline industry

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