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The chatbot which we developed can be frequently used in any business process or industries, in which simple interactions with semantic…

Finalce Brand

Text Categorizer

AI-Based Text Categorizer comes up with the text classification algorithms based on deep learning which can process text data at…

Finalce Brand

Image Annotator

Image Annotator is developed for collaborative image labelling tool and used for our clients to label an object bounding boxes…

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Health Predictor

In health predictor, the most advanced AI is brought to healthcare & life sciences for levelling the AI Field for Everyone. The ideas…

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Inventory Manager

The inventory manager/machine can handle the inventory managerial tasks of manufacturing or mechanical industries through…

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Recommendation Engine

The recommendation engine are easy to create individualized recommendations and improve the customer engagement by powering…

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Scheduler tool allows an enterprise to schedule and track computer batch tasks that has a completion notification, Event-driven task…

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Market Predictor

Our market predictor has changed the way of marketing and sales team functions which is built-in with the focus of sales forecasting…

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LMS Analyzer

Our LMS analyser boost up the learning content delivery and analyzed the LMS based on Course interesting prediction…

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